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The story begins back in 2007 after we (Carl and Sarah) purchased the land, that has now become Cronk Aalin Farm and our home today. Raising three children and building a farm, herd, dairy and house from nothing has been an up hill struggle at times. We are extremely proud of the family and business we have today, which makes those struggles all worthwhile.

We started on the venture that is now Aalin Dairy in 2013. Since then we have gone from strength to strength with all of our products being awarded great taste awards. The judges described our milk as “clean and fresh tasting, creamy with a good dept of flavour, proper milk”

All of our milk is sold in Glass pint bottles and our yoghurt and cream pots are compostable, supporting the “wave goodbye to plastic” campaign.

Having implemented a new system for the everyday running of the dairy we are now able to cut down on the amount of paper we use by being able to provide paperless statements. The uptake has been fantastic for this option, seeing nearly half of our customers opting out of paper based. If you too would like to go paperless then please let us know.

Being the only Dairy on the Island to offer an interactive ordering system, we hope this change has made the communication between ourselves and customers more fluid.

We are 100% committed to maintaining and improving and delivering a great service

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